On Site DOT Inspections

Our technicians are equipped to repair anything that makes your truck or trailer non-DOT Compliant. We can fix anything on site in order to get you back up and on the road. Lights, Lighting Systems, Safety Equipment, Brakes, Trailer Braking systems, Mud flaps, Steering components, Coupling Devices, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Systems, Suspension, Windshield Wipers, etc. 

Our approach to inspections is to be on your team and offer thorough inspections which will help keep your fleet up and running, making you money. We understand that downtime hurts profits, whether that means a truck is down with a repair or shut down to go to a shop and get an inspection.

Contact us about our truck and tractor trailer preventive maintenance and DOT inspection services today! 

Preventive Maintenance and Inspections

Scheduling preventative maintenance and annual inspections in advance helps to prevent unexpected downtime and costly damages. Bring in your commercial vehicles for regular servicing.